Babies on Board 新生 EP 1

Gynaecologist Peng Shiyun and personal chef Sun Zhihui are childless even after years of marriage. Shiyun’s schedule is erratic and their pace of life is hectic; they don’t have time for each other. As a former surgeon, Zhihui expresses his understanding. Zhihui gave up his profession to become a chef. His assistant, Joey, develops a crush on him and drops hints about it. He doesn’t take her seriously. Shiyun’s colleague and good friend, Dr Edmund Goh, diagnoses Shiyun with adenomyosis. The chance of her conceiving is very slim. She is guilt - stricken when she comes face - to - face with Zhihui; she feels she has long neglected him. Zhihui’s sister, Sun Yun’en, is Shiyun’s patient. She suffers a second miscarriage after being pregnant for nine weeks and is anxious about being able to get pregnant again. Shiyun promises Zhihui she will do her best to help his sister. However, she feels Yun’en is putting herself under too much pressure. Zhihui relates how he and his sister had nursed hopes of starting their own families since a young age. Shiyun recalls losing her baby six years ago and is sorry she is not able to conceive again. Although she used to object to the idea of hiring a surrogate mother, she can’t help but consider the option.