Babies on Board 新生 EP 2

On impulse, Li Xinyue uploads a post offering to rent her womb. She naively thinks it’s the fastest way to earn a large sum of money in the shortest time. After she learns how painful it is to carry a baby to term, she deletes the post. As it turns out, Shiyun reads her post before it is deleted. Shiyun contacts her. Desperate to get money for leukemia treatment for Zhang Rongxuan, Xinyue meets with her. Shiyun doesn’t have a good impression of Xinyue and declares she is not suitable. Xinyue learns Rongxuan has collapsed, and begs Shiyun to drive her to the hospital. Apparently, Rongxuan tried to leave Singapore to go back to her hometown as she didn’t want to be Xinyue’s burden. She fainted at Customs. Joey expresses her feelings for Zhihui. She tells him suggestively that she is willing to bear his baby. Zheng Meifang discovers her mother, Huang Lifeng, flirting with an employee, A - cheng. She worries that A - cheng will cheat Lifeng of her money and love. Lifeng denies there’s anything between them. By chance, Shiyun catches a glimpse of Joey kissing Zhihui. However, she doesn’t have the courage to confront him.